About Us

With humble beginnings on a rural family farm in New Jersey, Straight Arrow Products,

Inc was founded in 1970 when Philip and Bonnie Katzev created The Original Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner as a solution for their own horses. The young couple owned Arabian horses with very long textured manes and tails. At this time there were no other horsehair conditioning products on the market. So, Phil with a chemistry background and a passion for creating consumer products that fit specific needs got to work developing their conditioner. 

They identified a niche in the market and promptly went with it seeing immediate success. What went from the family including Phil and Bonnie’s 3 young sons filling glass jars of conditioner at their kitchen table in the ‘70s became a large corporation with products sold worldwide today. In fact, Phil and Bonnie’s youngest son Devon Katzev took over as Straight Arrow Products’ president in 1993 and is the current president today. 

Phil’s interest in consumer products did not end with Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner nor with the Mane ‘n Tail brand. He also had an interest in podiatry care and creating formulas that would work well for skin. For the Mane ‘n Tail product line he developed Mane ‘n Tail’s Hoofmaker Hoof Care Lotion – a product still sold today. He simultaneously created the formulas for Straight Arrow Therapeutic Items: Foot Miracle, Skin Miracle and Urea Care. 

Introduced into the market back in the early 1970’s, Straight Arrow Therapeutic’s cosmetic skin care products have been a part of the podiatry market for nearly 50 years. Consistently providing users with healed, moisturized and soothed skin.  What has kept these items on shelves today nearly 50 years later is their natural quality ingredients as well as their superior formulas created specifically by Phil Katzev so many years ago. Phil’s passion for chemistry, quality ingredients and creating products that perform are all mantras Straight Arrow Products, Inc stand by today. His youngest son Devon Katzev shares those same passions saying in a mission statement: “all of our products are designed to satisfy the customer and uphold the tradition to live up to my dad’s quality standard and meet the same performance challenges time and time again. While we don’t manufacture on the family farm these days, we still take pride in the fact that we produce all of our products right here in the United States.” 

Podiatrists have found great results with Urea Care in treating severely dry, cracked, callused skin on the feet that sometimes is a common symptom of diabetic patients. Others have found that it is a unique healing and moisturizing treatment for all skin areas that need special attention for excessive dryness to condition and nourish with 10% Urea.

They have also found great results with Foot Miracle, an intense moisturizing treatment designed for the feet, hands and body to help replenish lost moisture and essential skin oils. As well as Skin Miracle an anti-aging favorite that helps protect skin against premature aging with a greaseless silky formula that rejuvenates all skin and fortifies nails. 

See the results Straight Arrow Therapeutic Products can bring to your skin today.