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The Benefits of Medic Ice

medic ice
What are the benefits of Medic Ice?

  • Finally delivering what pain sufferers and practitioners are looking for!
  • Controlled cooling sensation without freezing or irritation
  • Hydro-gel base compatible with ultrasound equipment; no need to mix with contact gel; no more gummy residue in the skin and ultrasound head.
  • Greater comfort and pain relief that lasts longer (up to 4 hours).
  • No Isopropyl Alcohol that dries out the skin.
  • Contains exclusive blend of essential oils, herbs, and minerals.
  • New convenient hands-free tube applicators.
  • May be massaged on without irritation to hands.

using medic ice
Why use Medic Ice?

  • Sore & Stiff Muscles: These are muscles in general that are not exercised regularly or they are over worked causing tension and pain that can also affect weaker muscles that try to compensate.
  • Back, Shoulder & Neck Pains: Cold therapy is recommended by doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, pain clinics, & physical therapists.
  • Bruises: Helps reduce pain and soreness from bruising.
  • Arthritis Pain: Deep penetrating formula helps provide greater comfort.
  • Sports Injuries: Sprains, tennis elbow, knee pain, hips, etc…
  • Nighttime Leg Cramps & Muscle Spasms: Magnesium, one of the base minerals in Medic Ice, is recommended to work effectively and relieve these ailments.
  • Tired, Aching Feet: For people who are on their feet constantly, the hands free applicator provides quick, soothing relief.

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